Farrah Abraham Not Heading To Daytime

James’ novel is “going to give it a run for their money.” One other porn star that openly challenged E.L. James, stating she can write better erotica, is Sasha Grey. After appearing in almost 271 films and retiring at the age of 23, Sasha Grey was now working on a book that she claims is way better than E.L. James’ best-selling series. According to an intervieew by TMZ, Sasha stated James doesn’t even have that significant experience to sex and she as a porn star can write better.
Source: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/503144/20130903/fifty-shades-grey-el-james-sasha-farrah.htm

tiger 10 Fri 5:15 PM I think Abraham needs help more than a job. I don`t think she is a good role model for any show or business. she has a everybody Farrah Abraham backdoor teen mom full free OWES ME ATTITUDE that is not cute. and neither is she.
Source: http://social.entertainment.msn.com/tv/blogs/post–farrah-abraham-not-heading-to-daytime?_blg=2

Farrah Abraham’s Soap Opera Audition Tape Is The Most Awkward YouTube Video Of All Time

In the second tape, featured below, Abraham shows off more of her acting … um .. skills. She gets called a wh*re, reads lines with an equally talented male co-star and fake cries a little bit.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/30/farrah-abraham-audition-tape_n_3844655.html


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